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Default This is really cool

I just found your client, I knew ninjam since quite a long time and didnt know there was a version with midi sync, really wished reaper had such functionality in reaninjam, but well.
I'm still to manage to get reaper to sync correctly to this client,
but meanwhile i'm playing around with the mobius loop app (theres also a 32bit vst) to sync to ninjam servers and works nicely.
I've set your client to send midi time sync to the mobius app via loopbe (virtual midi loop device).
I've got 4 tracks in mobius where I record my electric guitar, the first track, the master, syncs to the midi device, so it syncs to ninjam, the other tracks are slaves to the first track
As neovalis mentioned it actually misses a few beats now and then. Mobius has a display that shows the current bpm/bar/beat. For example, if the ninjam server is working with 130bpm, mobius shows almost all the time 130.0 bpm, but at some point, for about 1 or 2 seconds it shows 129.8bpm, and it slightly and slowly starts to drift from the metro sync. At the beginning.
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