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Originally Posted by rictus View Post
I don't know.

Let's forget about specific hardware and first settle on a design. What is it most Reaper users want in a control surface? I'm not fortunate enough to own one, so I have little experiece, but I think what I'd like is:
- transport: play, record, stop, seek
- ~8 encoders for plugins
- 1 fader for channel level and/or writing automation
- channel selection: next, previous

For something like that, 16 inputs is enough. What about other users? I realise some will want 48 faders and pan pots, but I think it's better to design something small first, a la Faderport.
Fair point.

- For ReaEQ, you would need minimum 9 pots (LP Freq, HP Freq, 2 x (gain, freq, q)).
- 8 motorised faders, each with solo, mute, arm, record, pan pot
- LCD display for track name and track level?

Maybe we branch to mini and pro surface? Hardware and control protocol.
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