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Originally Posted by Totoro75 View Post
It does help!

I can easily see how some combination of these techniques would be great for a clean part all the way through to a big rock solo. Do you have any recommendations on where to start with these if you want to add some life to a tight metal style riff?
I don't actually. The best rule to go by is the closer the mic to the monitors, the tighter the ambience sounds. The good news is that this is a definate if it sounds good it is good scenario. I used to use it years ago with drum machines (think roland/boss DR5) to simulate a kit in a real room vs the crappy reverb that came with the unit. I didn't want it to sound like every other person with that same unit and adding my own "room" to it took much of the generics out of the sound. The same is true for ITB and OTB modellers, everybody has one but they don't have your room/space!

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