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Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
Agreed. Honestly, 100% dead on is nearly impossible but you can get closer than the act of picking and strumming throws it out IMHO. Equal temperment is why lots of blind people tune pianos, they know how to musically spread out the "beats" between intervals.

That it was.

As promised...I grabbed my tele since the taylor strings have like 20, 3 hour gigs on them. Part of the point in this recording is that it is in tune enough that it is beyond what my hands can keep perfect pressure wise. In otherwords the tuning tolerence is close enough that even touching the neck and breathing can throw it out of that tolerence. However, it is quite in tune and any out of tune intervals (especially troublesome thirds due to needing equal temperment) are as much due to the physics of pressing down exactly the same on each string as it does equal temperment.

There are open E, Barred F#m, G, A and E at the 7th fret. There are also a several chords I just randomly played at the 12th/14th and other positions while allowing open strings to sound as well. I won't deny that other than my Taylor the tele is the truest guitar I have and that's amazing since it is a $200 mexi. Tuned with the out of the box settings on my ST200 tuner using open strings to tune. Did I mention I love that tuner? Its a true analog, battery powered strobe and about 100 times more accurate than a TU-2 IIRC.

Sorry for being off topic, but this thread gone to shit so might as well say:

wow man sweet tone! what gear are you using?
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