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bezmotivnik, thanks for the tip on the big e / slot angle. this was the first time that i've seen anyone mention this.

on the original topic:

one of my biggest problems with amp sims is that the mids suck. maybe it's a harmonics thing, i don't know. this is just an assumption on my part, but i think this is why many metal guitarists began scouping out mids. our ears know when something sucks, and whether or not we're consciously aware of it, our brain says "get rid of it". same goes for cheap microphones. the mids tend to suck. the problem with mids that suck is that most of the meat is there. same goes for a lot of soft synths. maybe it's a digital thing? fwiw, i think the same goes for solid state guitar amps.

i've been preaching about the reaction between player/amp for a long time, which has mostly been met with hostility. you push, the amp pushes back. not every tube amp does or should do this to a noticeable degree, but once you experience it, it's kind of a bummer playing anything else. i've actually been called a liar over this issue, lol. what can you do?

same goes for latency. everyone wants to say that it's not a problem. well, yea, it really is for some of us. some of us would never play with our amp 20-30 feet away by preference.

combine all of this stuff - no reaction, sucky mids, and bothersome latency - it's time to go back to a real amp.
It's time to take a stand against the synthesizer.
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