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I'm not a guitarist. This gives me a big advantage in my opinion.

I have never been on a quest for the 'ultimate guitarsound'. Koch, Fender, Mesa-Boogie, Marschall, LePoulin, TSE X30... I really don't care what generates the noise. I listen to the song/band and I try to find the tone that it needs. This may end up way different then the guitarists 'own sound' but when you deliver a good sounding mix with a nicely fitting guitartone, they'll probably forgive you...

Even outside the scope of recording. Most guitarists really have the wrong idea of what a guitar should sound like. They spend 95% of their time filling up their spare-bedroom with a sound that fills every little squeek in the frequency spectrum, completely ignoring the fact that they'll have to spend the other 5% (the percentile that matters) in a collaboration with other instrumentalists. If had a dime for every time I heard a guitarist say: 'But it sounded great at home?!'...

On the upside: The people in this thread probably aren't 'most guitarists' as I described them. Since this is the REAPER forum, you probably have an interest in recording and mixing, which seems to give any musician a broader perspective.
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