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Originally Posted by HOFX View Post
...I tend to use LePou amps and Redwirez cabs for my guitar, compared to Line6, they just sound more alive...
I am using LePou's LeXTAC in conjuction with a variety of cab IRs about 90% of the times these days. There is "magic" in the power amp knob on that thing.

My primary tones are clean to on the edge of break-up using my Variax or Gretsch Tennesean. I have found that LeXTAC is superior for these tones (in most instances) to all of the other ampsims (both commercial & freeware) that I have. In particular the high end seems more "open" to my ears (sorry that I have to use a subjective term).

...And, further that, how do people approach using vst amp sims? Is it to get a convincing 'real' guitar tone, or is it to get an awesome guitar tone? As in, autotune used to be getting a singer to sound like a real 'good' singer, but now it's used as an outright effect.
I generally have a tone in my head that I associate with a particular hardware amplifier. I use whatever combination of ampsim/IR/effect it takes to achieve it.
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