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I'm just saying the first site demonstrates to me what you guys are talking about - I get all that - it's been very helpful to me.

But, all I'm wondering is why do the normal old school VU meters like in the 2nd link (the PsP vintagemeters, as well as the kind we've all seen on cassette decks etc. all these years)only go to +3 (while the digital analog hardware meters in the first link go to +28)? How do they fit into the equation and compare to each other? Is it a totally different scale? ...just curious.

Thanks for anyone's help!

Originally Posted by yep View Post
What are you actually trying to accomplish?

You're right that the first link explains exactly what we're talking about. I don't get what the PSP meter has to do with it. Have you read the manual for the PSP meter? What are you trying to do with it? You can set the "zero" level on the PSP meter to whatever threshold you want, if that's what you're asking...

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