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Doh, I'm so sorry! I'm really not a moron! I just started using a new add-on "Scrapbook" feature of Firefox. It saves a copy of the page on your hard drive for keeps (instead of later going to a 404 page). So, when I was looking at it I just copied what I thought was the URL into the post!!

Anyway, here's how it should have read w/ the correct link;

I'm also following and learning a lot from this thread. This first page seems to sum it up nicely for me ; especially if you scroll down to the bottom of the page where it compares an analog hardware meter vs. a DAW digital meter.

But, how does the +28db analog hardware meter relate to this PSP Vintage meter plug-in below? It only goes to plus 3 (or is that supposed to mean 30 or something)?

Originally Posted by yep View Post
Um, you are linking to a document on your C drive, which nobody else can access. The second question about PSP vintage meter is completely unclear, but I'm pretty sure you can adjust the meter's range, if that's what you're asking.

It might help if you can clarify the question.

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