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Originally Posted by Behind View Post
Hi everyone:

I did an experiment concerning the topic.

I had a mix with some tracks touching almost 0.0 in reaper. All of them had their respective FXs still online.

What I did was Item Properties>Normalize> -16.0db (this was done to all the Items)

Some compressors had to be adjusted for obvious reasons but I didn't notice any other change apart of the lower volume.

Did I do it in the correct way or I just did something without any sense at all?

Thanks and sorry for the newbieness
Yeah, that's fine. You'll probably get better results in the future by TRACKING at a lower level initially, since some of what we're talking about is distortion that can get embedded in audio that is recorded too close to 0dBFS in the first place.

Also, -16 peak might be a little bit lower than you really need to go, and might start to make it hard for some compressors to find enough signal to grab onto.

And of course, all of this is a suggestion, not a rule. The suggestion is basically to keep your tracks at the same approximate level that an analog recordist would: somewhere around -20dB average, -10 peak.
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