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Originally Posted by kelp View Post
On the subject of PSP Vintage Meter, mind if I bump Post 39 in this thread? It's actually related to the Naiant meter.
Once again, I can't really tell what the question is.

Peak meters display the level of each sample. VU or RMS meters display a sort of weighted rolling "average".*

If the "average" level is much lower than the instantaneous peak levels (say with drums, or hand claps), then the VU meter will read much lower than the peak meter. If the "average" level is almost as loud as the maximum peak level (say, with string pads of heavily-saturated electric guitar), then they might read about the same.

Is that what you're asking?

*note that "average" is a very imprecise and fuzzy term when it comes to audio metering. Classical "VU" meters are traditionally set to try and approximate the apparent "loudness" of typical human speech. Human speech is often different from, say, electric bass or string sections, so usability can vary. Once again, it is/was up to the equipment designers and manufacturers to tailor the equipment to what they thought people would find most useful for the intended application. Also once again, where and how they set the meter's "target" could, in itself, have a significant difference on the "sound" of the piece of kit, by encouraging different target levels of operation.
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