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Originally Posted by Fabian View Post
I'm reading this with great interest, and the discussion about dBu/dBFS got me to look up teh specs of my interface (Lexicon Lambda). So, for this to make more sense to me... could someone please explain what the "Maximum Input Level" and output levels below really mean in relation to Reapers metering? Thanks.
The maximum input level normally corresponds to the max level before analog saturation becomes too important. It is not necessarily related to digital clipping...

Unfortunately, nothing in the lambda specs relates the digital and analog scales. For the Omega, they state that +4dBu nominal input = -15dBFS. So if Reaper tells me I record below -15dBFS RMS, I have 15 dB headroom to handle the peaks before digital clipping. In the same time, the line input can handle +22dBu, and this means that digital clipping will occur before I can hear analog saturation. But I don't think this also applies to the lambda,because the max input levels are really lower on the lambda.
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