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Default Footswitch punch-in

Hi, is there a way to get a footswitch to toggle recording on/off so that you can punch-in without setting a time selection or anything. I have a Nektar P1 which has the footswitch facility and I used to be able to punch-in record with it for my brief tortured relationship with Cubase but that was 3 years ago and I can't remember what the settings were. I am finding with Reaper that even with the track record-armed when I use the footswitch it only starts/stops playback. What setting do I have to make for it to record start/stop? I like to use a footswitch for quick guitar strumming as it seamlessly punches in. I am only interested in continuing the recording from the place where I went wrong as opposed to inserting a passage into a track with material either side of it. I'm probably forgetting some simple setting and would be grateful for tips. Thanks
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