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Default "Stacking" VCA groups?

Id did the search, using the term "VCA" and actually NOTHING came up in the entire forum!!

I also perused the manual, and couldn't find anything on stacking groups, so...

I have a fairly complicated mix project that I'm working on right now, and for the sake of sanity, I want to arrange the mix layout like a live desk, with 10 VCA groups, like a Midas Heritage 3000 or Digico SD10. Easily accomplished. I was also able to assign the various tracks to the various groups without issue. I run into problems, though, if I want to assign a given track (or groups of tracks) to more than one VCA at a time... Say, for example, that I want VCA control over the rhythm section, guitars, keys, etc., but ALSO want to assign them to a "mix-minus" VCA to give me one-fader control over everything EXCEPT vocals. As soon as I make that assignment, the "solo" function (for example) bleeds over all the rest of the tracks. In other words, pressing "solo" on the guitars VCA (or any of them, really) will cause ALL instrument tracks to solo. Kind of defeats the purpose, really.

What am I missing here?
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