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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
CSI -- the project in this sub forum, will recognize that Tracks are hidden.

It requires that you have a profile for the control surface section of the keyboard.

If you can find the midi spec - the part that tells what midi messages the control surface section sends/receives, and what button sends what - I can whip up something for you to try.
Thank you. It's gonna take me some time because this is the first time I ever hear about CSI in a context different than a TV show, and just skimming through the forum still doesn't quite give me an idea of what we're talking about. Reading the GitHub page at the moment and taking notes. Also, I am currently out of town spending some time in the forums looking for answers to questions I don't have time to ask when I'm home on my desktop machine because I'm usually working on a project and there's just no time to spare between clients. Thanks a ton, again, this sounds very promising for my particular issue!
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