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Hi Thierry

I've not been checking in here for a bit, so I'm just catching up with some of your latest creations.

Originally Posted by jeranx View Post
Following Andy's advice, I revisited the last one, made it a bit longer.
I really enjoyed this extended version.

Remind me, Thierry, was all of this piece created with LABS?

I must say that, since downloading all of the LABS instruments I am having lots of fun with it. Some of my latest experiments are being done with just LABS and a few extra effects.

Also another thing, a calm one, 34 that day.
Liking this one too

Then, still with strings, something a bit more alive.
Lovely little piece, full of fun.


Lots of feeling to this one. And I get an undercurrent of the Far East here.

Well, all caught up now, I think. It has been a pleasure listening to your classical snippets


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