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Originally Posted by prom View Post
Evening Jeranx,

I haven't listened to your back catalog so do not know if this is fairly normal for you but you pulled that out of somewhere man...very great!
I tried yesterday but was playing games with me again so I gave up.

Hi Mick.
(now with a face )

Thanx for this comments.

You're right, I don't think every piece I've done is "of that level". (I was waiting for the first comment to say something like that )

To be serious, I've paid a big attention to the seats and reverb, and I've been very much helped to that by Bernard Reeb, the guy we were talking about with Andy in this very thread. He knows things.

And after a bunch of mail and 35 versions, I have obtained that .

I'm sorry you're experiencing those issues with Hearthis. I have a poor connection myself too but not that kind of problem with audio. (but they are not the best on this site).

Have a good day.

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