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Originally Posted by prom View Post
Good evening...quarry dust-commander and block lifter,

Et-dautres extended version works to my ears.
"I'll see later (for the title)" If I lived where you live,the regions history would never be far from my mind.

I have got a different impression of ,now that it is working well for me...I might even sign.

Quite tired now but stayin up cos that's how I a newb in a veterans greatcoat collecting trump cards.
Hi Mick.

I'm happy you enjoyed those.

Yes, in " d'autres.", I wanted the cello to live a little more, and keep the atmosphère standing a bit. (if I'm clear).

BTW, what do you mean by "now that Hearthis is working...", had problem with it ? For me it's a cool place to be. I left Soundcloud cause it was full in its free version. Here, no limitation for uploads.

Still rolling too...


Edit : I saw what you were talking about with Hearthis, never mind what i said but upload things if you have. And thanx for the kind comments
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