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Originally Posted by jeranx View Post
Hi Andy.
Morning on my planet.
Morning here, too, in the UK

In my youth (I'm so old), I've liked some synthesizer works. I grew up with Kraftwerk, Klaus Schulze, even Jean-Michel Jarre, Pink Floyd for sure, Tangerine...
Pretty much the same here.

I don't know if we can say those were doing ambient music. I didn't knew this word at that time, anyway. To be honest, I discover it (the word) only about 2012 when I start doing PC music after my health conditions force me to stop working and then began posting on the french Forum.
Very much the same for me. Even though I have in my collection works such as Eno's Music for Airports, Cathedral Oceans by John Foxx and Jarre's Waiting for Cousteau the term "ambient music" was not a thing to me. And I was only really turned on to this genre when I happened across the ambient online forum back in 2015. And that is when I turned much of my efforts onto this form of music.

I was taught by a guy who is (for me) a master in synthetic music.(a link to his sound below). A really great musician whose knowledge helped me a lot to start "playing" classical music that way. I hope you'll like his sounds.
Ah, yes, I have had a small number of interactions with Bernard over at the ambient online forum, where he is a member. So I am familiar with some of his creations. An accomplished musician it seems, unlike myself. I rely mostly on being able to fix my bad playing before I release it upon the world...

I had a guilty conscience when I stopped working after 30 years of good and loyal service in masonry. People knew me as a brave and strong craftsman, and overnight I was on my couch eating morphine.
I can certainly understand your feelings about having to stop work, especially if the choice was not yours. I would imagine that it would take some time to adjust.

I reassure you, we're really doing something, actually.
Yes, indeed


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