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Originally Posted by jeranx View Post
Very kind words.
You are most welcome, Thierry

You're particularly nice to say that you can't see the difference between VST and real VST. Thanx to Spitfire Audio.
Ah, thanks for pointing that out. Yes, you have done a very good job with those library sounds.

I'm quite happy with some of my last pieces. Those since last xmas when the "HoHoHo" guy brings me those strings. Only seven years I'm in it, since I stop my job. I was mostly repairing houses.
Currently not working here... It does help with creativity, for sure

I've been to your YT channel. Great universe there too. It's amazing to see you "playing" one hand in the pocket for such a great result. 19 mn isn't that long.
Excellent, and thanks

Yes, not much skill there, I'm afraid. Much of the effort goes in before the take, setting up the patches and the sequences. Then it just needs the one hand to twiddle a few knobs and select a new sequence.

I have lots to learn, yet, and there is no way I could take my system out for a live gig. I really need to use both hands and at least make it look like I am doing something


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