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Originally Posted by Xenakios View Post
Does anyone know if there's some secret way to initialize (VST) plugin parameters (using floating point numbers) in the .rpp file that doesn't involve the base64 state chunk? (I am not asking if there's API support inside the Reaper process itself, since there is, but this is about generating the .rpp files automatically outside of Reaper.)

Alternatively, if that isn't possible, is it possible to write that base64 chunk into the project file so that just contains the plugin's parameter values and not the extra plugin state that can't be automatically generated by 3rd parties?
You can use the following base64 data (all little endian):

4 bytes: VST UID
4 bytes: low 16 bits are program index, if desired (high bits should be 0)
4 bytes: 0xdeadbeef
4 bytes: 0xdeadf00d
all remaining data: parameters values as 32-bit floats
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