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Thanks for that, and of course the whole project. The only actions I can find that affect that variable are the SWS actions:

SWS/S&M: Set default track sends to MIDI only
SWS/S&M: Set default track sends to audio and MIDI
SWS/S&M: Set default track sends to audio only

They don't cause changes that persist either. Wonder why. I'd like to know more about the general situation, even though it doesnt cause a major problem to leave it non-persistant. It just seems the script should ideally behave like going into preferences and changing the value, then clicking OK.

I suppose I could use:

inipath = reaper.get_ini_file()
retval = reaper.BR_Win32_WritePrivateProfileString("reaper", "defsendflag", tostring(new_defsendflag_int), inipath)
but not entirely sure that is a great idea, even if the syntax is good (?).
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