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Rather than focus on what is missing in a default theme, I would like to be able to choose from a list of default themes. The current two, 'Default' and 'Default 4.0' are good, but why not have, say, ten (10) different defaults to choose from.

Create these 10 defaults (or more) for different types of projects. I don't know, say:

1: Recording Basics
2: Recording a live band (e.g. with example tracks set up for multiple mics with channels and all --)
3: Editing
4a: Mixing normal, b. mixing K system, c. mixing other standards, ....
5: Mastering a song many songs for an album
6: Mastering many songs for an album
7: Daytime theme glare friendly
8: Nightime theme dark friendly
9: ?
10: ?
11: a. ProTools b.c.d... other DAW look-a-like

I don't know, I'm sure pros would have better suggestions on workflow ideas...

Sure we can try different themes we find online, but something more mindful, coming from people who can anticipate our needs, would be helpful, or at least get us started by showing the possibilities of Reaper's custom-abilities (is that even a word?).
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