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I could do with a rework of the fx window. Rather all windows for that matter. I never really feel completely submerged in REAPER simply because every time I open a window, it's a Windows window. Not like, say, Cubase where the mixer window, etc. are integrated into the DAW itself. Sounds trivial I'm sure but hey, you asked.
Skinned ReaPlugs would be cool also... maybe even add some more?(i.e. ReaChorus, ReaFlanger, ReaLimiter, etc.)
It'd be really cool(imo) if Stillwell and the boys just cut loose and gave REAPER everything you'd need (not counting JS):transient designer, limiter, 3 or 4 different types of compressors and eq's, etc. Just to eliminate the reliance on 3rd party plugs for fx. Believe me, if they made ReaLimit or ReaClip with the precision and craftsmanship of the other ReaPlugs, I'd be sold completely.
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