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Originally Posted by Banned View Post
Well, that's the downside of using REAPER actions instead of the more sophisticated OSC "action descriptions". If you want bidirectional bindings (i.e. proper feedback from REAPER to your OSC control surface, so your toggle buttons always show the correct state) you should use action descriptions such as FX_BYPASS and TRACK_SOLO instead.
If Woulda found an FX_MASTER_BYPASS in there, I woulda been all over it.

Not sure how I could use FX_BYPASS to specifically trigger the master only, on one page, but any track that is selected, from the other page.

Originally Posted by Banned View Post
What exactly is not working: is the button not sending that OSC message when you use it, or is REAPER not responding to that message as expected?
It was reaper that was just not responding.

It was receiving the correct osc message.

I don't get it. What's really weird is that I then brought it to my proper DAW to hook it up, and it worked without binding. So, Idk, it's a mystery to me.
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