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Originally Posted by alanofoz View Post
flipotto, did you have any luck with this? I can't see any reason for the problem with the #include files. As long as all the source files are in the same location they should be fine I think.
I got it working once, I have not been back, unfortunately.
I get in moods where I want to improve my workflow, but what happens is I waste a bunch of time. I end up back on the mouse and keyboard - but thankfully I pick up the guitar and actually play something.

Wireless is a problem for me, if I am recording, I have a laptop and am using a firewire interface - so resources drag for me and it is awful.
As I recall I was having problems with faders and other controls not doing what I expected and I ran out of steam.
I am certain I will be back to it.
I also liked using TouchOsc
- however - wireless is the problem again for me glitches and such.
Thanks for you hard work on this.
KeyMce/GenMce - pc keyboard/midi to Mackie control emulation (built with ahk). Also - an ahk script to build your own midi programs.
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