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Originally Posted by Jack Winter View Post
You might try to remove the -S parameter from JACK, to see if the double buffering helps with the xruns. IMO 2x64 can be considered as real hardcore...
I did have a lot of things running while I was enabling the additional meters, and all the xruns happened as I was enabling them. I am already running with the -S removed as from everything I've garnered, sounds like the M-Audio cards might need the extra headroom. It's plenty tight enough still to play a guitar or bass through Guitar Rig.

Gonna have a look at that theme, but each time I try to change from my current theme I feel that things aren't right no matter how much I liked the screenshots
Boy do I know how that goes. The two that tripped me up at first with this theme are that you have to drag-n-drop in the track display to make folders, which is easy enough if you know to do it. I didn't and was switching back to the stock theme where I had little "+" buttons to make a folder out of a track. Drag/Drop is actually a lot quicker now that I know I can do it. The other one that three me with that theme was how to bring up the track automation page, which is done by clicking the rectangular button that says "Trim/Read".
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