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Originally Posted by brainwreck View Post
Nice work Glennbo! I just read through your other thread. Lots of really good info in there as a result of your efforts, Jack, and osxmidi lending some linux wisdom.
Thanks, I wanted to test recording something after Jack helped me tweak Linux and jack for low latency. I'm pretty much running like I run in Windows, although I do feel the drag of plugins running in WINE, once I start globbing lots of VST and VSTi plugins on. This test song was done to see how a combination of half audio and half VSTi/WINE tracks with a mix of native and bridged FX would do.

I'm more than stoked with the results, because I had planned to only run REAPER in Linux for basic tasks, and boot to the Win7 side for anything more complex. Looks like I can hang here in Linux more than I originally thought.
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