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Originally Posted by Jack Winter View Post
If you right click on the performance monitor and enable the rest of the meters it will give quite a lot of interesting info. rt cpu, xruns, rt longest block, etc. Helps trouble shooting, and know how well the system is performing and how close to the cliff edge you are. CPU use is only part of the story

Nice looking dark theme, which one is it?
Cool! I didn't know you could right click the meter and get more stuff. I'm running the song in the background on constant loop, with all the meters going, and it racked up 8 RT xruns while I was enabling all the additional meters, but hasn't racked any up for Media Xruns, and I'm switching screens between REAPER and browser as well.

The theme I use is LCS Mod Short Dark. It's my favorite of all the themes I've tried.
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