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Originally Posted by Tago View Post
How do I uninstall it? I've found that I don't like it very much as I'm used to the reaper defaults, and also because I can't figure out how to export MIDI which is very important to my job as a composer and orchestrator.

edit: I am using OTR, not regular reaper, and I can't see the restore to factory defaults option in the windows menu

Reaper, installed.
SWS extensions, installed.

0. If you are already a reaper user, you need to backup your configuration files, because you are going to lose your settings. You probably already know how to do this. An easy way is to go to the options menu->preferences->general and click on "export configuration"."

To restore REAPER's default menus:

Options, menus/toolbars

Select Main file from dropdown list
Click Reset button (at bottom)

then Reset all menus to defaults, Reset all toolbars to defaults.

Changing themes is obvious.
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