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Default Dfk's Project Map Navigator (v0.94, beta)

Test/use my scripts at your own risk. While it is typically unlikely that a REAPER Lua script would damage or harm your hardware/software/data, I will not accept any liability if this were to occur. All my scripts are licensed as GPL v.3.

Reapers! Bug-reports! Feature requests! Complaints! Encouragements! You are all welcome here in my thread!

Script requires js_ReaScriptAPI, and SWS/S&M Extension!

Release Log:


*(script release)
*Minor bugs
*Added script internal 'user area' customizations
*Bug: Post 6 (Nantho, 1st attempt)
*Added "load" screen
*Added mouse cursor contexts (test)
*Added new project length detection
*FEATURE: rmb marquee view
*revised rmb marquee
*various attempted bug-fixes
*Attempted fix: Improper display of project markers/regions
*Attempted fix: Inaccurate placement of track names
*Added: Display project marker/region names at top of window
*Added: Play/edit cursor display in project map
*Added: Place edit cursor using project map ( middle mouse button)
*Added: Play/stop playback using project map (spacebar)
*Added more 'user area' variables
*Reconfigured algorithm for 'drawing' items (hopefully fixed issue with 'frozen' items, or scaling issues)
*Added: Mousewheel vertical zoom (mousewheel), modifier options in 'user area'
*Added: Mousewheel horizontal zoom (Shift+mousewheel), modifier options in 'user area'
*Added: 'escape' key closes window
*Added: window is pinned by default, option to change in 'user area'
*Removed: track name collision with project/region markers
*Added MIDI item display (NEW, testing required)
*Bug: project marker colors displaying incorrectly (Sumalc, Post#64, first attempt)
*Added: project map displays the project loop-selection (can be disabled in 'user area')
*Added: left/right arrows move edit cursor to nearest project/region marker in applicable direction
*Added: up arrow alternates setting project loop ends to edit cursor position
*Added: down arrow hard 'plays' from edit cursor position (doesn't cycle between play/stop like spacebar does)
*Added: '/' toggles project loop on-and-off (project repeat)
*Added: 'm' toggles project mixer window visible
*Added: ctrl+left-click 'solos' project map track in mixer
*Added: script refresh after changing track color
*Added: 'r' refreshes script (force reload, good for updating media items, which don't auto-update)
*Added: proper hotkey documentation concerning OSX/Windows specifications (Sumalc, post#72 (needs tested))
*Added: 'Waveform_Definition' into script's 'user area'. Can improve performance.
*Added: marker number to beginning of title (Sumalc, post#72)
*Fixed: error with assignment of mousewheel modifier(s)
*Added: 'user area' option for bordless window as default:
*Added: F12 cycles between borderless window and bordered window
*Removed borderless window due to glitch-error between window positioning and gfx.h
*Fixed error with project/region marker color display
*Added borderless window option back in (shift+click to center window on mouse)
*FEATURE: 'x' sets edit cursor to first visible measure in arrange/track view (a.k.a. Nantho's request)
*Reconfigured marquee. Attempted to bring back its intended behavior/functionality
*Stereo display for media items (previously, only mono. Once again, I used code from spk77 to make this happen.)
*Reconfigured MIDI-items notes visually to be slightly more prominent.
*Removed small bugs, and bolstered script efficiency.

*Worked on misrepresentation of stereo items in display.
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