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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
The question I have in mind is how to send the "register" command to the mixer (I suppose this is OSC standard as well. I suppose this needs to be done if attaching to Reaper via OSC, too, so there will be appropriate examples, but till now I failed to find some.
The OSC standard must be one of the loosest (ie most open) standards ever written! It provides some definition of syntax, but much of the data and all the semantics are left open to the "user" or implementer (in this case Behringer).

There maybe some helpful information on the Behringer X32 OSC implementation here
and the work & code of Patrick Maillot (sometime user of this forum)

I would doubt that Behringer OSC and Reaper OSC implementations have anything at all in common beyond vague intent so OSCII-bot would do the "talking" and "listening" to the Mixer and of course OSCII-bot can talk to Reaper in OSC to if that route for data helps.
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