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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
goldenarpharazon, Thanks for your answer !

Are there any working OSCIIbot examples out there ?
All of these useful examples are on the Reaper forum or close to it

- Peavey StudioMix control surface from Banned
- AKAI MIDIMIX control surface from goldenarpharazon
- original example script from Justin (from Midi2OSC - see previous answer)
- simple examples are bundled with the OSCII-bot install zip file itself

Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
I suppose in most cases OSCIIbot is used to attach to Reaper via OSC - usually running on the same box as Reaper, while sending/receiving Midi from/to an externbal device (such as a controller board e
.g. BCF2000 like in the other thread.

Here I need a different thing: having OSCIIBot attach via OSC to an external device, while communicating with Reaper (i.e. JSFX programs) on the same box via Midi.
The examples happen to be with Reaper. But OSCII-bot is a bridge that will translate between OSC and Midi for anything at all, without any dependence on Reaper, or the OSC functionality in Reaper.
Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
- attach OSCIIbot to the mixer Supposedly I need to supply the IP address and the port to OSCIIbot. I'd like to do that somehow "from outside" not in the EEL source code.
The OSCII-bot EEL2 allows file I/O which could be used to create a separate config file if that's preferable. OSCII-bot also allows a basic GUI to be created.
Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
- make the mixer send out the state of certain parameters so that I can convert them to Midi and send them to the existing JSFX-script-construnct in Reaper

- in certain intervals send "register" requests to the mixer to make it send out the values of these parameter whenever they get changed by different sites.
If these parameters or requests are OSC you can assemble and send, or receive and parse any OSC string you wish or need in OSCII-bot EEL2
Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
I have been provided with the python code that does exactly this. I need to analyze same and see what exactly has to be implemented.
Be interested to see this Python code please too, since it may be extensible to also handle OSC translation into Midi SysEX which OSCII-bot does not handle. Thanks.
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