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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
LiveConfig does not handle Program Change, neither as an output nor as an input.

The way Kontakt handles Program change is rather complex: It switches instruments in an instrument bank.But an instrument setup does not use the parameters of the included instruments when the instruments are saved after they were pushed in the instrument bank. In the bank the instrument parameters are preserved as they were when including.

Not really the point, but thanks for clarifying this for others. I suppose one could have inferred that Live Config sent program changes, based on my post. You are right, it does not. Using the "Rea" plugins, one must convert automation points into FX Preset assignments through Live Config.

When I moved to Kontakt 5, I abandoned Live Config and simply used ReaControltoMIDI to automate the selection of patches in the Kontakt bank.

For this backup PC, I don't want to use Kontakt 5, so that's why I'm back to Live Config. I want to use Mach5 3 again since it has synth and sample functions.

Yes, Kontakt 6 does have some synth functions now, but I have not yet updated to Komplete 12. Just trying use what I already have.

When trying an old session which used Live Config with Mach5 3, it's still not working. Something broke either in Reaper, or SWS since 2014, the last time I used Live Config.

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