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I don't suppose it's possible to change the settings in LiveConfigs in another way than by editing it with the mouse and the computer leyboard in the LiveConfigs GUI.

I did a (rather complex) setup using LiveConfigs to change patches (i.e. switching tracks and initiating program changes with (e.g.) Kontakt.

I did some JSFXes that store 17 CC values each and that I can remote-control in realtime by my Surface device (and that are initialized on start and optionally saved in the Reaper project file). These CCs are sent to the tracks (and with it to the VSTis and VSTs) shortly after each patch change by LiveConfigs. Now when calling up a patch it gets the parameter values I previously tweaked while live playing.

Thinking more about your post: maybe I should add an option to save the CC values to disk by remote-control, other than by using the mouse and have Reaper save the project.

Anyway, If you want have LiveConfigs push presets to multiple tracks you supposedly need to use multiple Config "pages". I did not test this, but I think one "master" config page (i.e. the appropriate line) can be set to fire an action that switches another config page to the desired line.


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