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Default Live Config Problems

Hi there,

I'm trying to use Live Configs and i've encountered a big problem.
I successfully managed to have 2 different live configs for testing configured. My plan is to change the configs on the fly with a controller that just sends fixed midi notes and a few cc's (but they are not enough). (A&H K2)

The problem in the end is very simple: I'm able to change the presets inside a config via doubleclick. So that works. But if I midi-learn to change the config and try that, nothing changes. In the upper toolbar, I can see the learned command got recognised by Reaper but there's no change happening with the preset.

For info: This is for sequenced live vst House music. So no gaps are allowed and I'm using the latest version of sws tools. Also my goal is to have say three or four vst's on different tracks change at the same time with one config switch. One button per config, so 4 buttons to change between "scenes" would be perfect.

Please help, I think I'm about to go crazy, since Reaper seems to be my tool of choice and I need to get this to work.
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