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So I did look into multichannel support but... the way Reaper handles sends/receives with extra channels is (IMO) really weird and I can't figure it out. So that's not happening.

Originally Posted by robgb View Post
I love this script. Thanks. But I'm wondering if there's also a way to retool it to make a buss track only for selected tracks rather than top level tracks? What would I have to change in the script?
I don't have time to actually test this, but try replacing lines 49 through 73 with:
-- Loop through all tracks in the project
for i = 1, reaper.CountSelectedTracks(0) - 1 do
	_=dm and Msg("looking at track "..i)
	local tr = reaper.GetSelectedTrack(0, i)
	_=dm and Msg("\tdepth = "..reaper.GetTrackDepth(tr))
	_=dm and Msg("\tp_send = "..tostring( reaper.GetMediaTrackInfo_Value(tr, "B_MAINSEND") ) )
	_=dm and Msg("\trerouting")
	-- Disable Master Out
	reaper.SetMediaTrackInfo_Value(tr, "B_MAINSEND", 0)
	-- Add a post-fader send to idx 1
	reaper.CreateTrackSend(tr, bus)
There's also a feature provided by the SWS extension called "Cue Buss Generator" that does something similar, I think.

Originally Posted by junh1024 View Post
Sounds like some of these things could be accomplished by making a new track on top, and then making that track a folder of all lower tracks
Definitely. I prefer to only use folders for things that I might want to hide, just to keep the project less cluttered.
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