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Default Script: Create mix bus and reroute all top-level tracks to it

I don't know how many people will find this useful, but whatever.

Lokasenna_Create mix bus and reroute all top-level tracks to it.lua
Lokasenna_Create mix bus and reroute all selected tracks to it.lua

Nothing fancy at the moment; it just adds a new track called "Mix Bus", then disables the Master send for all tracks at the "top" level (read: folder parents) and routes them to the mix bus instead. Due to Reaper's sends/receives being a bit complicated to deal with, this only affects channels 1/2 - tracks that were outputting to the Master on 3/4 will get messed up, etc.

Reasons to use a mix bus instead going straight to the Master include:
  • Slight performance gain, since the Master can't use anticipative FX processing. Or something. I think.
  • Duplicate the mix bus a dozen times, mess with the send faders on each copy, and you can quickly have all of the variants that labels tend to ask for ready to go without having to mess up the actual mix: Vocals Up, Drums Down, Guitars Down, No Vocals, Less Reverb, etc.
  • Put your metering and analysis plugins on the Master, your actual mastering chain on the mix bus, and you can A/B the mastering chain by turning the mix bus's FX chain on/off without disabling the meters at the same time.


Edit: Added an equivalent action for "selected tracks".

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