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Thanks a lot for the video ! You are the best! Thanks you very much.

Edit: Saw the video, i was on that point already ehehe! now i know i did it right!
My problem now is controlling the plugins.

I created a blank text file and added these lines: (saved has *.zon in my folder)

Zone "VST: UAD Pultec EQP-1A Legacy (Universal Audio, Inc.)" EQP1A
LFBoost FXParam 0 "Low Freq"
LoGain FXParam 1 "LF Boost"
LoMidGain FXParam 2 "LF Atten"
HiMidFrequency FXParam 3 "High Freq"
HiMidGain FXParam 4 "HF Boost"
HiMidQ FXParam 5 "HF Q"
HiFrequency FXParam 6 "HF Atten Freq"
HiGain FXParam 7 "HF Atten"
Invert+Equalizer FXParam 10 Bypass
Parallel FXParam 11 Wet

This file is inside my folder

What else should i do so the surface ( behringer X touch) changes the display for the plugin controls ?
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