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Originally Posted by pepe44 View Post
Thanks for your input, but im a musician and mix engineer , not a programmer!
I cant figure out how to make the plugins to be controlled by the X touch in reaper using the CSI. Sorry..
I looked at the mst files, zon files, copied the MCU surface and the MCU zon to the proper folder folders, i loaded everything in the right spot in the CSI (reaper preferences).
On the widgets file (MyMCU.mst) i see there is a command for the FX button that corresponds to the right MIDI message but nothing happens when i press it.
Is it that hard to grab the phone and make a 2m video for this purpose ?
I would be very happy, and maybe a lot of people here
Once again, this is alpha software, please be patient, all those things are coming, take a deep breathe, relax, it won't be long
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