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Originally Posted by poetnprophet View Post
Hey Geoff, how's this?
Excellent, but for the following 2 nitpicks:

When we decided to use the naming convention we gained a LOT in the way of versatility, and also made sharing templates (maps) much easier.

However there is now a burden on the template maker -- You

In order to share templates, we must establish standards -- Yucchhh !!!

But wait, it's not so bad, there is ONLY one requirement, we need to agree on what to call the surface widget.


Aha !

Let's just agree that we name the widget EXACTLY the same as is printed on the surface.

I'm sure this is not perfect, but it will be very useful most of the time -- perfection is the enemy of good enough

The other thing concerns the concept of ranges.

Instead of:

clipMute 90 3D 00 7F


"CLIP MUTE" 90 3D 00-7F

Notice that CLIP MUTE (which is in quotes) is all caps and has a space, EXACTLY like the printing on the surface.

Just think of everything between the quotes as an exact copy of what you see on the surface.

00-7F tells the file reader to treat this as a low-high range.

In the simple case of a switch, it is just on (7F) or off (00), but for rotaries, faders, etc, it is a continuous range.

Sorry to be so tough, but that's the way to success here, great work so far, thanks for your effort !!
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