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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
You definitely will not be forced to use MCU protocol
That is great, as, AFAIK, on XTouch Compact, MC mode does not cover all hardware controls the device provides.

I'm going to take a closer look at the information you provided lather this day.

I just wanted to point out that (in some final version) for receiving and sending greater than 7 Bit values, the format would need to be able to cover both the "Mackie standard" (supposedly four byte) messages, as the "Midi HiRes standard" (combination of two three byte messages).

Please keep in mind that the Midi HiRes standard does not force to sent the two messages together. You can send (and need to be able to receive) just one of them while the other 7 bits are stored and the full value is combined from the local memory.

Hence for a slider move you will receive the high bits (e.g. CC #3) only sporadicly, while you'll see many low bit messages (here: CC #35). (Considering this, HiRes Midi is even more efficient than MCP. )

Thanks for listening

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