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This is the chip we're talking about:

The PRU performs only the I/O from and to the audio ADC and DAC (over I2S), the analog ADC and DAC (over SPI), the digital I/O (these are just GPIOs of the SoC). All the I/O operations on the PRU are timed by the audio clock. The data are transmitted from ARM to PRU and from PRU to ARM by using a shared memory buffer. The PRU signals an RTDM driver (Real-time device model, a Xenomai-compliant real-time driver) that runs on ARM, when a buffer is ready. The C++ code you write in the IDE runs in user-space on the ARM CPU within a Xenomai thread.
I read that as "the audio interface is even closer to the CPU than with PCI...

It also means any effect is added on the ARM CPU. Maybe a VST host, maybe Reaper?
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