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That site seems to be just wine-rt with a few hacks and it's totally out of date, at least they tried to do something at that time.

A lot of modern Windows plugins need d2d1 which is only implemented in a basic way in current Wine.

d2d1 implementation would be the main thing, and to dothatt requires a programming knowledge of Microsoft's Direct3d etc API's and then translating them into Wine/OpenGL.

Wine is never going to be 100% Windows, so just roll with it and don't expect too much from it, if someone thinks Wine shouldn't exist on a Linux system then don't install it.

The Muse comparison is out of date because Muse didn't do anything with d2d1 based plugins that I know of and didn't contribute d2d1 code as far as I know, Muse was ok in it's day for a Wine based product.

The main Wine development that is going on that can benefit Windows vst's is coming from the gaming community and there is Wine Staging esync and a planned Wine fsync from Steam and things like 3d etc development.

There are a lot of experienced devs working on speeding up Wine and adding things, things like the wineserver response etc.

The Kontakt memory problem seems weird to me.

Kernel 5.2 and rt/zen patches seem to be pretty good with Wine as far as I can tell.

Stock/rt kernels don't really exist with MacOS and Windows as they have low latency built in as standard, and when the Linux kernel gets rt as standard then it will presumably be in the MacOS and Windows latency ballpark, the stock kernel is ok but it can be improved on hence the rt/zen patches that are around and they aren't around for no reason.

Linux native plugins are around and can be very good, but most of the Windows vst devs are not going to be flocking to Linux anytime soon.

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