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Originally Posted by JamesPeters View Post
In a perfect world the developers of Kontakt etc. would make Linux VST plugins so that Linux users wouldn't have to rely on bridging.

In this "Native Instruments (etc.) will never give a shit about Linux" world, I guess if Cockos wanted to make Reaper for Linux capable of working with all Windows VST plugins that would be nice. I really wouldn't hold your breath though. That's a rather large ask.
In my case, all the Native Instruments plugins I've paid for are working fine in WINE, but I won't purchase anything more from them unless it is native Linux based.

For me WINE is just a stepping stone like 32 bit bridging in Windows was when I moved to 64 bit Windows. I never bought any non 64 bit plugins after that, and I won't buy any non native Linux plugins now.
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