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It looks like this guy did some really great work. Would be a shame to see it just die. Right now, it's not possible to load my windows template in Linux without shared memory in WINE. Every instance of a Kontakt plugin takes 200mb of memory in WINE. If you have 1000 tracks of Kontakt, that's 200GB of memory without ANY samples being loaded. And any duplicate samples are loaded into RAM separately as well.

The thing is, these improvements in Wine can be done. Just like the muse research guys got iLok working as well as several other tweaks. But it seems like there is just not enough people interested to make the WINE developers pay attention (apparently Muse Research offered their tweaks for inclusion in WINE but nothing happened).

It's a bit of a catch-22. Because having these improvements in WINE would bring over more windows users to Linux, which would in turn help spur development. In a perfect world, if Justin had the time to look at this and an integrated Windows VST bridge, I think a lot more users would jump ship. Unfortunately things like Kontakt are irreplaceable because the sample libraries can't run in anything else, especially the large orchestral ones.
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