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Originally Posted by Oberheim View Post
What you mean, this is called tie in english (as far as I know). Legato means only when notes have legato sign and note after note is not same (C,D,E).
Your problem can be, you have 1/4 note not in main beat, then Reaper divide 1/4 note into smaller and tied between each other to fill 1/4. It can depends on what metrum (Time signature) you have 4/4, 3/8, etc... IF it can be changed, I don't know, but maybe someone know it.
Originally Posted by juliansader View Post
This is how overlapping notes are displayed when they are in the same voice. To display the longer note as one long note:

* Place overlapping notes in different voices, or enable the option "Automatically voice overlapping notes"

* Or if you want to keep the notes in a siingle voice, select the notes and enable "Minimize ties", or enable the global option "Minimize ties for all notes by default".
Thank you both for the correct english terminology and for the advices, I'll try it as you said and I'll let you know.
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