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Perfect, as I suspected there is sysex to set the operating mode of the encoders. I had a half hour or so last night to do some poking around using the log you sent, and discovered at least 6 separate operating modes. There are still some bytes whose purpose I haven't sorted yet.

This is a sample from the log file:
F0 39 48 05 01 04 58 04 50 0F 46 F7

And this is the format of the message:
F0 39 48 05 nn mm ww xx yy zz cc F7

F0 Sysex start byte
39 Manufacturer ID
48 Device ID
05 Model ID
nn Channel number
mm Mode
ww Number of steps (?)
xx ??
yy ??
zz ??
cc Checksum
F7 Sysex end byte

00 off
01 default - "volume" mode
02 "width" mode
03 dot mode with two dots (?)
04 "pan" mode
05 reverse "volume" mode
06 dot mode

([sum all payload bytes] % 128) + 6
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