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Originally Posted by strinxx View Post
I'll gladly help you scarlton!

But I fear I need some information how to do this exactly.
I mean, I know midi-ox and midi-yoke - it's been a while though, since I last worked with it - but I never used it to actually "log" anything... just watched in- and outgoing midi-data.

So, I assume I would have to go through any of Houston's available modes.
For instance EQ, Pan, User1-3, Send, Aux, Routing...whatever...
and then log Cubase's answer after every button-push.
Afterwards I turn 1 of the (or every?) encoders, and now log Houston's outgoing midi.

Do I get this right?

Sorry for some stupid questions.... guitarist here...

HAving just done all this , i am eisnstein! Just kiddin. Just a guitarist? I thought those jokes were just for drummers.^^

Setup midi ox and the csurf from REaper like this..Csurf out ..into midyoke 1..In midiox have a output port to the houston and a midyoke 1 in put port. Drag a cable from MY 1 input to Houston out.

Depending on what the Cubase implemaentation sends in response to user input..but do a look and see when and what type data goes by.
There must be a mode of operation onthe houston that turns the vpots into pan. in midox right click in the input monitor window to start ..stop..and clear the display.
I would think that any sys ex is display u can filter that.
On the houston go to a mode other than pan mode..and then in midiox start display and then activate pan mode on the houston.U should see something in midiox.. then stop display.

Now right click in the input monitor window and either choose copy all, mark for clipboard, or mark window.and paste in notepad.

In note pad i then give the data a representative title like Houston from xxxmode to pan mode..10 tracks used., or something like that.

Hope this helps and good luck.

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