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Thanks Guido!

This is something scarlton has to look at, 'cause I have no idea how to deal with that kind of stuff.. unfortunately. But I do hope this gives him some insight, too.

I just checked how the number-pad is implemented in cubase:

CURSOR + 2,8 and 4,6 are similar to the arrow-keys on a keyboard, used for moving around items (parts) and markers. Maybe even more.
This is something we definitely should have, cause we don't have arrows on the Houston. (maybe combine them with SHIFT to "nudge"?)

DATA does nothing... though I used to use it to enter numbers when needed, via Midi-translator..

FUNCTIONS + 2,8 or 4,6 are for zooming vertical and horizontal,
+ 1 cut, + 3 paste, the rest maybe assignable?

10'S + 7 followed by 6 gives you "76" for exmaple, handy in combination with "Markers" > "Jump", you can easily jump to marker 76 within a project, not limited to only jump to markers 1-10. Cool.

Finally "ZAP" let's you jump forth and back betweeen 2 situations, be it marker-positions or even zoom-settings....

Some cool stuff in here, what you think?
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